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Timesheet software for small business

Perfect Time Tracking Software for Small Business

When at work, do you often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Like you’re constantly racing against the clock, trying to get everything done? 

What if I told you there’s a way to reclaim control over your time? Control your man hours? Streamline your young business? Win more? A tool that can help you monitor every minute, every hour, so nothing slips through the cracks. 

I know you might be wondering, “Is there a perfect time tracking software for my business? 

Let’s unpack this question and explore how the right tool can revolutionize your business operations. 


Why Do You Even Need Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses? 

Consider this: 

Time is money, right? And for small businesses like yours, it is even more critical. But how do you keep track of it? How do you make sure each minute counts towards success? 

Efficient small business time tracking is your answer. It’s like a roadmap. It shows where your team’s time goes. 

It’s about productivity. When you track time, you see what tasks take the longest. With good timesheet software for small businesses, you spot where you can be more efficient. 

It’s about project management. You can plan better when you know how long tasks take. You meet deadlines without the last-minute rush. 

It’s about compliance, too. With reliable timekeeping software for small businesses, you can prove how much time you spent on a project. This is critical for billing, audits, and labor laws. 

But how do you track time without adding more work? The answer is a time-tracking software. It can be a game-changer for your business operations. 

Now, you might be thinking, “How do I select the perfect time-tracking software for my business?” We will help you answer. Keep reading.  


Critical questions to ask 

So, you’ve decided to explore time-tracking software for your business. But how do you choose the right one? Here are the questions you should be asking: 

  • Can it track project progress in real time? You’ll want to see how your projects are moving along, at any given moment. 
  • Does it help with resource planning? The best software will help you allocate your team’s time wisely. 
  • Is it secure and compliant? Your data needs to be safe, and the software should help you meet industry standards. 
  • Does it offer detailed reports? You’ll want insights you can use to make better decisions. 
  • Can it handle multiple projects and tasks? Your business is not a one-project show, and your software needs to keep up. 
  • Does it offer customizable notifications? Stay in sync with your team with alerts and reminders. 
  • Can it integrate with other tools? The software should play nice with the other tools you use. 
  • Is it easy to use? You don’t want to spend hours learning new software. 

These questions will guide you to software that fits your needs like a glove. 

Now, what if there was software that ticks all these boxes? Let’s find out in the next section. 


Top 3 Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses 

  1. TimeTrack

What it is: 

TimeTrack, a time tracking software for small businesses, is like a personal assistant. It’s designed to make time management smoother. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Real-time project tracking: TimeTrack never sleeps. It keeps an eye on your small business projects round the clock. You always know where your project stands, which is crucial for small businesses with tight deadlines. 
  • Resource planning: TimeTrack takes the role of your team’s coach. It helps you plan who does what and when. It’s like finely tuned timesheet software for small businesses. 
  • Detailed reports: TimeTrack doesn’t just give you numbers. It offers insights, telling you how your small business can use time more effectively. 

The Misses: 

But, TimeTrack has its limitations. It struggles to integrate with other tools. If you use a task management tool, TimeTrack might not sync well, which can be a setback for a small business time tracking system. 

And its interface? It can be a maze. For small businesses looking for simple, straightforward timekeeping software, this could be a hiccup. 


  1. ClockIt

What it is: 

ClockIt, a time tracking software for small businesses, is your time guardian. It keeps track of your time so you can focus on your work. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Security and compliance: ClockIt is a fortress. It keeps your data safe. And it helps your small business stay compliant with labor laws and regulations. 
  • Multiple projects and tasks: ClockIt is a juggler. It allows you to manage multiple small business projects and tasks with ease. 
  • Customizable notifications: ClockIt keeps you in the know. It sends you tailored alerts and reminders. It’s like your personal assistant in your small business time-tracking journey. 

The Misses: 

However, ClockIt doesn’t track project progress in real-time. For small businesses that need real-time updates, this could be a gap. 

And its reports? They could provide a more detailed story. For small businesses that depend on detailed data for decision-making, this timesheet software might come up short. 


  1. Toggl

What it is: 

Toggl, a timekeeping software for small businesses, is your time detective. It uncovers where your time goes. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Ease of use: Toggl is straightforward. It’s easy to set up and use, which is a big plus for small businesses looking for stress-free time-tracking software. 
  • Integration: Toggl plays well with other tools. It fits into your existing toolkit smoothly. It’s like the missing piece in your small business time-tracking puzzle. 
  • Real-time project progress: Toggl lets you watch your projects as they unfold. It’s like having a front-row seat at your work. 

The Misses: 

But Toggl falls short in resource planning. It doesn’t help you decide who should do what and when. For small businesses that need strong resource planning, this could be a gap. 

And those customizable notifications? They’re not up to par. For small businesses that rely on timely reminders, this timekeeping software might not meet your needs. 


These tools each offer a lot. But not a complete package. And you want that. We know. The question is- Is there software that truly does it all? 

Keep reading. 


Beyond Intranet’s Time Tracking Software: The Perfect Solution for Small Businesses 

Easy to Use 

You don’t need a manual to use our time tracking software. It’s as simple as ABC.  

Real-Time Project Tracking 

Where is your project right now? Our software knows. And it tells you in real time. 

Resource Planning 

Who should do what? And when? Our software helps you decide. 

Detailed Reports 

Our software gives you more than just numbers. It tells a story. Your story, in detail. 

Integration with Other Tools 

Our software plays well with others.  

Customizable Notifications 

You get alerts and reminders, just the way you like them. Never miss a beat. 

Security and Compliance 

Your data is safe with us. And we help you stay on the right side of the law.  

With Beyond Intranet, you get time-tracking software for small businesses that checks all the boxes. 

But we’re not done yet. 

Coming up, we’ll talk about how our software adapts to your business, not the other way around. 

Because at Beyond Intranet, your business is our priority. Stay tuned! 


Why Beyond Intranet is the Perfect Time Tracking Software for Your Small Business 

Your Project, Crystal Clear – Transparent Project Monitoring 

You’ve got a project. But you’re not sure where things stand. With our Transparent Project Monitoring, it’s like using a flashlight in a dark room. Everything becomes clear. 

Maximizing Team Productivity – Resource Allocation and Planning 

You’ve got a team. But who does what? With our Resource Allocation and Planning, you can assign tasks like a pro. It’s your team’s time, used wisely. 

Stay Safe, Stay Compliant – Compliance and Documentation 

Rules are tricky. But with our Compliance and Documentation, they don’t have to be. It’s like having a rule book that’s easy to read. 

Your Data, Protected – Secure & Compliant 

Your data is like a treasure. And it’s safe with us. Our software is Secure and compliant. It’s like a vault for your information. 

Stay Ahead, Always – Regular Product Updates 

Business changes. But our software changes with it. With Regular Product Updates, you’re always one step ahead. It’s like being on a journey, and we’re your guide. 

Smoother Workflow – Task Creation and Assignment 

Tasks shouldn’t be hard to create or assign. With our Task Creation and Assignment, they’re not. It’s like having an assistant to do the work. 

Data-Driven Decisions – Comprehensive and Enhanced Reports 

You need facts to make decisions. Our Comprehensive and Enhanced Reports give you those facts. It’s like having a detective to find the information for you. 

Advanced-Data Visualization – Power BI Integration 

Numbers can be confusing. But with our Power BI Integration, they’re not. It’s like having a translator for your data. 

Your Work, Your Way – Unlimited Projects, Tasks, and Timesheets 

Your work shouldn’t have limits. And with our time tracking software for small businesses, it doesn’t. It’s like having an open field to play in. 

Efficient Time Management – Time Tracking and Approval Delegation 

You need to keep track of time. And approve it. With our Time Tracking and Approval Delegation, it’s easy. It’s your small business time tracking, made simple. 

Keep Your Team in Sync – Customizable Email Notifications 

Your team needs to know what’s happening. Our Customizable Email Notifications tell them. It’s like having a town crier for your team. 

Look Back, Learn – Past Week’s/Month’s Reports 

You want to see old reports. Our Past Week’s/Month’s Reports let you do that. It’s like having a time machine for your data. 

Organized and Accessible – Your Employee Timesheet Dashboard 

You need to see all your timesheets. And with our Employee Timesheet Dashboard, you can. It’s the timesheet software for the small business you’ve been looking for. 

Granular Insights – Detailed Timesheet Tracking 

You want details about your time. Our Detailed Timesheet Tracking provides them. It’s like having a microscope for your time. 

Complete Control Over Projects – Project and Task Management features 

You want control over your projects. Our Project and Task Management features give you that. It’s like having the steering wheel for your business. 

Saw what our timekeeping software for small businesses can do. Amazing, right? Let’s see the impact it brings to solid businesses.  


The Impact: How Beyond Intranet’s Software Transforms Small Businesses 

  1. Say Hello to Efficiency

Meet Sally. She runs an accounting firm. She used to lose track of time. Then, she found our time-tracking software for small businesses. Now, she knows exactly who’s working on what and when. Her firm is running smoothly as butter. 

  1. Goodbye to Paper Timesheets

John owns a SaaS startup. He used to drown in paper timesheets. Then, he tried our timesheet software for small businesses. Now, he tracks time digitally. It’s like he traded a clunky old car for a shiny new one. 

  1. Time Saved is Money Earned

Meet Lisa. She has a consultancy firm. She used to spend hours approving timesheets. Then, she started using our timekeeping software for small businesses. Now, she has time for more important things. It’s like finding extra money in your pocket. 

  1. Happy Teams, Happy Business

This is Bob. He manages a design studio. His team used to be out of sync. Then, they started using our small business time tracking. Now, they’re a well-oiled machine. It’s like turning a group of soloists into a symphony orchestra. 

  1. Business Growth

Finally, meet Anna. She runs an IT firm. She used to struggle with project management. Then, she started using Beyond Intranet. Now, her business is growing. It’s like planting a seed and watching it grow into a tree. 

 Mid Banner: So, are you ready to transform your business-like Sally, John, Lisa, Bob, and Anna?  


Wrapping Up 

Beyond Intranet’s time-tracking software is your answer. It’s like a Swiss army knife for your timekeeping needs. It makes your small business time tracking as easy as pie.  

Ready to give it a try? Click here to see a glimpse of a journey to a more organized, efficient business. Let’s go!