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Bug Tracker

One stop solution for logging and tracking of software bugs.

Bug Tracker

Smarter way to inform and make your team accountable for fixing software bugs

Bug tracking is now no more a boring task. Check out our easy to use and customizable Bug Tracker solution for SharePoint.

Roles and Features

  • Logging new bugs captured during the testing cycle.
  • Setting priority and severity of bugs to low, medium or high statuses
  • Sending automatic email notifications.
  • Viewing history of all the bugs.
  • Viewing summarized and graphical bug reports.
  • Recording member’s availability and schedule on calendar.
  • Sharing important project documents with respective team members

The Process

Create New Bug

1 Creating new bug

  • QA team member creates a new bug by entering details like project name, bug title, assigned to, sprint/ release info, status, priority, severity, steps to reproduce, bug type, environment, related issues and saves the information in the system.
  • Automatic email notification is sent to the assigned individual/group development team member (i.e. to the bug assignee).
Reviewing and resolving bug

2 Reviewing and resolving bug

  • Bug assignee receives automatic email notifications for the bugs logged & assigned to them in the system.
  • Bug assignee reviews the pending bugs in their queue and resolves them.
Changing bug status

3 Changing bug status

  • Bug assignee then marks the bugs as “Fixed” in the system.
    (By opening the bug details page in the Bug Tracker and under edit option- changing bug status to fixed)
  • Automatic email notification is sent to the QA team member/ members, who originally logged the bug.
Validating and closing Bug

4 Validating and closing Bug

  • QA team member reviews the fixes made by bug assignee by again testing the software application.
  • QA team member changes the status of the bug as “Closed” (if the bug is found to be fixed).
  • In case, the bug is not fixed, then QA team member will mark the status of the bug as “Reopened”, and assign it again to the bug assignee.