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Office space management

Struggling with Office Space Management? Your Search Ends Here

Many organizations face office space management headaches. Enter Beyond Intranet’s revolutionary desk booking software. We will break down every single challenge you have. By the end of this article, you will be surprised. Why? 

Because we will explore how this software can optimize every square foot of your office. Providing real-time visibility, automated smart assignments, flexible self-service booking, and data-driven space management. All from an intuitive central dashboard. 

The software is your silent ally. Streamlining your office life and unlocking your workspace’s true potential. Let’s dive in! 

The Pain Points of Traditional Office Space Management 

Let’s review some of the most common pain points: 

  • Lack of visibility into workspace usage: Without a central system, it’s virtually impossible to get a bird’s-eye view of your office layout and how space management is happening. This makes planning and optimization difficult. 
  • Inefficient desk assignments: Manual desk allocation is time-consuming and inefficient. Assignments quickly become outdated, leading to confusion and conflicts. 
  • Difficulty finding available desks: Employees waste precious time wandering around to find an open workspace. Decreased productivity is the result. 
  • Double bookings of meeting rooms: With no central visibility, meeting rooms get double booked. Leading to frustration for employees and reflecting poorly on administrators. 
  • Underutilization of office space: With no data insights, organizations end up allotting space inefficiently. This leads to wasted real estate and increased costs. 
  • Parking management headaches: Unorganized parking results in confusion and employees fighting for spots. A poor start to the workday. 
  • Lack of support for hybrid work: Traditional systems aren’t built for the flexibility of hybrid work. This results in disconnected and siloed work experiences. 

How Space Management Software Solves Your Problems 

Facilities management definition is space management. What is it? Space management involves you getting a central command center for your office space. With real-time visibility into every desk and room plus powerful booking capabilities. 

Here are just some of the ways this software alleviates office management pain: 

Interactive Floor Plans 

With interactive floor plans, you get a live digital blueprint of your office layout. This occupancy management software allows you to visualize open workspaces, assigned desks, and common areas. 

Finding a desk or conference room is as easy as consulting the floor plan from your device. No more aimless wandering around the office needed! 

Floor plans provide the visibility you need to optimize layouts and occupancy management. 

Self-Service Desk and Room Booking 

Employees can quickly book desks, conference rooms, and workspaces directly from the interactive floor plans. 

Desk booking eliminates confusion and manual requests. Employees simply consult the floor plan to find an available desk or room and book it themselves. 

Admins are freed from the burden of desk assignments and can focus on more strategic tasks. 

Advance Reservation of Desks 

Employees can reserve desks in advance, ensuring their preferred workspace will be available when they arrive. 

Remote workers can book their favorite desk before coming into the office. Hybrid work is fully supported. 

With reservations, every employee starts their day with a desk ready and waiting. 

Permanent Desk Assignments 

While flex desks are popular, some employees prefer having an assigned personal workspace. 

The software allows admins to set permanent desk assignments. So every team member still gets their own dedicated spot. 

Meeting Room Scheduling 

Double-booking meeting rooms is a thing of the past. The desk booking system shows real-time availability and allows reservation of rooms. 

Employees can quickly find and book meeting rooms from any device. And confidently schedule conferences without overlaps. 

Hot Desking Capabilities 

To support remote and hybrid work, hot desking is a must. Employees can freely book any available desk on the days they come into the office. 

The software empowers your team to work from the office or home. With seamless transitions between the two. 

Parking Management 

No more parking scramble. Employees can reserve parking spots and view availability. 

This brings organization to parking and gives employees peace of mind about where to park. 

Analytics and Data Insights 

Here’s where the software really shines. You get invaluable analytics on your space management system, occupancy, trends, and more. 

Data empowers you to make smart decisions about office layouts. Optimize desk assignments, downsize unused spaces, and adapt to evolving needs. 

Integration With Azure AD 

Seamless integration with Azure AD powers secure access and central user management. Employees simply sign in with their regular credentials. 

Admin privileges and permissions are managed from one place. And single sign-on means less hassle. 

Who Benefits from Space Management Software? 

Now that you see the incredible capabilities of desk booking systems, you may be wondering: 

  • Who exactly benefits from this software? 
  • What are the specific advantages for key roles? 

Our space management involves operations for: 

Human Resources 

HR managers deal with the bulk of employee frustrations around limited workspaces and inefficient office layouts. This damages productivity and morale. 

HR can also optimize office space allocation. Ensuring happier employees and improved performance. Key benefits include: 

  • Increased employee satisfaction from better workspaces 
  • Data-driven space planning and utilization insights 
  • Workflow automation, freeing up strategic time 
  • Lower costs with space optimization 

Office Administrators 

Office admins face the time-consuming task of assigning desks, resolving booking conflicts, and managing ad-hoc workspace requests. It’s a daily time sink. 

Administrators regain time and oversight with the desk booking system. Benefits include: 

  • Automated desk assignment and booking 
  • Real-time visibility into office space usage 
  • Time savings from less manual work 
  • Improved hybrid and remote work transitions 


Employees themselves reap enormous benefits. No more productivity lost to wandering for a desk or meeting room. Benefits include: 

  • Easy self-service booking of desks and rooms 
  • Advance reservation for guaranteed workspace 
  • Locate teammates on interactive floor plans 
  • Experience improved collaboration 

And those are just a few examples! The software pays dividends across the organization. 

Key Features of Beyond Intranet’s Powerful Space Management 

We’ve explored the incredible benefits of desk booking systems. Now let’s do a deep dive into the key features and capabilities of Beyond Intranet’s software: 

Visually Stunning Interactive Floor Plans 

Our interactive floor plans redefine usability. Employees get desktop and mobile friendly floor maps. These bring your office to life visually with: 

  • Drag and zoom capability 
  • Clearly labeled desks, rooms, and common areas 
  • Live occupancy and availability information 
  • Integration with Outlook for one-click booking 

You get unmatched visibility into your workspace! 

Simple and Intuitive Desk Booking 

Employees can book desks and rooms in just a few simple clicks. Our reservation system is designed for usability: 

  • Self-service online booking from interactive maps 
  • Option for permanent desk assignment 
  • Reserve specific desks in advance 
  • Release desks after use for flexibility 

Workspace booking is effortless with our software! 

Powerful Meeting Room Scheduling 

Say goodbye to double-booked conference rooms! Our meeting room scheduling system provides: 

  • Real-time room availability information 
  • Self-service room reservation capabilities 
  • Outlook integration for streamlined booking 
  • Room capacity information helps pick the right fit 

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! 

Administrative Oversight Tools 

We empower administrators with the control they need: 

  • Manage desk assignments and booking rules 
  • Change floor plans and desk allocations 
  • Modify employee desk locations 

Admins gain work management superpowers! 

Dedicated Support You Can Count On 

Our expert support team is always available to help: 

  • Onboarding assistance with setup 
  • Ongoing support via email, chat, phone 
  • Troubleshooting help if needed 
  • Custom consulting for special requirements 
  • Assistance maximizing software value 

Consider us your desk booking concierge service! 

And so much more! Our software adapts fully to your unique needs. 

Desk Booking Systems in Action 

The power of this software comes to life through real-world examples. Let’s look at some scenarios to showcase the daily benefits: 

The Office Administrator 

Olivia manages a 500-person corporate campus. She used to spend hours processing desk change requests. Now Olivia sees what spaces are available. 

Employees book desks themselves in just minutes. Her day is freed up for bigger projects that boost employee experience. Happy team and happy Olivia! 

The HR Director 

Michael runs HR for a major retailer. Employees complained about the crowded offices. Using the utilization reports, he identified unused spaces. 

Michael reduced the office footprint by one floor. Even with headcount increasing, the new optimized layout is comfortable. The software paid for itself in savings. 

The Engineer 

David is an engineer at a tech startup. He loves working from home but needs to be onsite some days. With the office fully open plan, he struggled to find quiet areas to focus on when onsite. 

Now David books a desk in the quiet zone weeks in advance using the desk booking app. He starts each office day relaxed with a perfect workspace. His productivity is through the roof! 

Why Choose Beyond Intranet’s Software? 

By now the power of our space management system is clear. But with a crowded market, how do you choose? Here are key reasons Beyond Intranet stands out: 

Built for Usability 

Our software is intuitive and simple. Training takes minutes, and employees instantly see the benefits. Adoption is never a concern! 

Optimized for Hybrid Work 

Whether your team works remotely, onsite, or both, our software supports flexible work. Easily transition between the home and office. 

World-Class Support 

Our expert team pampers you with white-glove onboarding, training, and ongoing support. We become an extension of your organization. 

Azure AD Integration 

We deeply integrate with Azure AD for easy access management and bulletproof security. Leverage your existing investment. 

Delighted Customers 

Countless global organizations achieve incredible results with our software. See their stories on our website! 

Consumer-Grade Interface 

From the stunning visual designs to the refined user experience, we deliver consumer-grade polish. Employees instantly fall in love! 

Sharp Data Insights 

Our rich analytics empower you to optimize workspace allocation, utilization, and planning with hard data. 

Built for Scalability 

Whatever your size, our platform scales elegantly. Manage a 10 or 10,000 employee office with equal success. 

Budget Friendly 

Keep costs low and results high. Beyond Intranet gives unmatched value and quick ROI. 

Discover for yourself how Beyond Intranet stands apart. Contact us for a personalized demo and free trial today! 

Start Optimizing Your Office Today! 

We know you want to say goodbye to wasted office space and hello to maximized efficiency. The incredible benefits of space management await. And Beyond Intranet stands ready to make your workspace vision a reality. 

From delighted employees to unchained administrators to game-changing analytics. Our software will empower your business to new heights. 

The first step is to see for yourself! Contact us for a custom demo and free trial to experience our differences. 

Or for any questions, our team is available 24/7 to guide you. Contact us today and unlock your office’s full potential with Beyond Intranet’s revolutionary space management system!