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Microsoft Viva Engage Analytics

Experience the Power of Microsoft Viva Engage Analytics

Employee engagement is the key to organizational success. But in distributed workforce, fostering connection and community can be a challenge. This is where Microsoft Viva Community and its powerful analytics capabilities come in. 

Viva Community was formerly known as Yammer. It helps bring your people together across the organization to  

  • Connect 
  • Share knowledge 
  • Find belonging at work.  

With advanced analytics, you gain insights to improve engagement, productivity, and business outcomes. 

Today, we’ll explore the analytics available with Viva Community. And how you can leverage by different roles to drive real impact. 

Overview of Microsoft Viva Engage Analytics 

Viva Engage analytics enable: 

  • Users to check their own engagement through personal analytics 
  • Leaders and delegates to watch their audiences’ engagement through audience analytics 
  • Corporate communicators to manage campaign engagement through campaign analytics 
  • Knowledge admins to track Answers engagement through global analytics 
  • Network admins to monitor organization-wide engagement through network analytics 

These powerful analytics are available with Viva Community Premium with Viva Suite licenses. 

Analytics refresh daily, providing a near real-time view into community health and engagement. 

Want to learn more? Check out this overview of Microsoft Viva Community 

Now let’s dive deeper into each analytics capability. 

Accessing Analytics in Viva Engage 

You can access analytics via the top bar icon. Find it in Viva Community. It’s easy and quick. 

For network, knowledge admins get more controls. Find these in the admin center. Go to Manage analytics. 

Network Analytics 

Network analytics offer engagement views. See communication health organization-wide. Broad insights are available. 

With metrics like sentiment, retention, matter. They help admins make informed decisions. Improve network health with data. 

Key Metrics of Network Analytics 

Daily Active Users shows how many unique users posted, liked, or read a message on a given day. This helps gauge overall engagement. 

28-Day Active Users shows monthly active users, indicating sustainable engagement over time. 

Sentiment analysis detects emotions. It scans posts and comments. Reflects public feeling on topics. 

Employee Retention metric is revealing. Compares engaged users’ retention rates. Check against less active peers. This metric compares 28-day retention rates of active vs non-active users. 

Most Active Communities highlight engagement. Identify and emulate successful communities. Learn from the best practices. 

How Network Analytics Help 

With network analytics, admins and communicators can: 

  • Identify low engagement areas to focus community building efforts 
  • Analyze sentiment to guide strategic decisions and culture initiatives 
  • Correlate engagement with employee retention to showcase Viva Community ROI 
  • Spot highly active communities to replicate their strategies more broadly 

Audience Analytics 

Audience analytics inform leaders and delegates. They offer engagement insights for audiences. Understand your audience better. 

Found on the leader’s storyline page, these analytics foster leader connection. Motivate your people effectively. 

Key Metrics  of Audience Analytics

Active Communities reveal top engagement. It’s shown by reactions and replies. Also, by reads. 

Sentiment analysis gauges audience mood. It detects positive, negative, neutral feelings. Understand common themes deeply. 

Top Contributors reveals who is driving conversations and engagement within the audience. 

Reach shows what percentage of the audience is being reached with the leader’s posts. 

How Audience Analytics Help 

Audience analytics empower leaders and delegates to: 

  • Identify and engage their most active communities 
  • Analyze sentiment to understand people’s attitudes and morale 
  • Recognize top contributors to showcase their expertise 
  • Assess their reach and refine communication strategies 

Knowledge Analytics 

Viva Engage Community Answers offers knowledge analytics. They show engagement and impact clearly. Many insight for organizations like yours. 

Find metrics via the analytics icon. Knowledge managers can even optimize Answers. Use these metrics for improvement. 

Key Metrics of Knowledge Analytics

Questions Asked and Answered shows volume of questions posted and resolved over time. 

Resolution Time indicates how quickly answers are provided to questions. 

Active Responders reveals top contributors answering community questions. 

People Helped quantifies the reach of the Answers program. 

How Knowledge Analytics Help 

With knowledge analytics, knowledge managers can: 

  • Analyze Ask and Answered volume to identify gaps 
  • Optimize responder resources based on resolution time 
  • Spotlight top responders to recognize their expertise 
  • Showcase reach with People Helped to demonstrate value 

Campaign Analytics 

For organizations using Viva Community campaigns, campaign analytics provide insight into campaign performance. 

Access these metrics from icon or pages. It helps communicators refine campaigns. Tailor future outreach efforts. 

Key Metrics of Campaign Analytics

Reach shows the percentage of targeted users who viewed campaign posts. 

Engagement Rate reveals how many impressions led to post clicks, reactions, comments, etc. 

Top Content Creators get the spotlight. It shows who posted most. Recognize their advocacy efforts. 

How Campaign Analytics Help 

With campaign analytics, communicators can: 

  • Evaluate reach to adapt distribution and targeting 
  • Assess engagement levels to refine content and delivery 
  • Showcase top advocates to encourage further activation 

Personal Analytics 

All Viva Community users can access personal analytics from their profile icon. Insights come from posts and comments. Understand your audience engagement. See how they interact. 

Key Metrics of Personal Analytics

Post Impressions shows how many times a user’s posts were viewed. 

Reactions indicates how many likes, laughs, etc. a user’s posts received. 

Comments reveals how many comments people left on the user’s posts. 

Reads shows how many times the user’s posts were clicked into and read. 

How Personal Analytics Help 

Personal analytics allow individual users to: 

  • Gauge if their messages are reaching their intended audiences 
  • Assess how well their posts resonate in terms of reactions 
  • Evaluate their success in driving discussion via comments 
  • Determine whether their content is valued via click-throughs 

Maximizing Microsoft Viva Engage Analytics 

Viva Community analytics are powerful. They provide deep engagement insights. Learn about communication, knowledge sharing. 

But deriving value takes more than just looking at default analytics. Here are best practices for getting the most from your Viva Community analytics: 

Take action – Don’t just view analytics, act on the insights. Address weak areas. Capitalize on strengths. Analytics without action provide no value. 

  • Set goals. Define clear key performance indicators. Identify target metrics. Focus your efforts strategically. Measure your success accurately. 
  • Segment and filter. Analyze data by specific subgroups. Consider regions, departments, or tenures. Look for hidden trends. 
  • Correlate with other data. Cross-reference with HRIS or help desk. Use multiple systems for insights. Uncover deeper understanding. 
  • Test and iterate. Experiment to improve metrics. Track the impact over time. Learn what works best. Adapt to your organization. 
  • Think long term. See past daily fluctuations. Understand sustainable trends. Know your overall direction. Plan accordingly. 
  • Simplify and visualize. Avoid too much data. Create compelling visuals. Make executive summaries digestible. Communicate insights clearly. 

Use default analytics wisely. They’re a solid foundation. Apply best practices. Enhance Viva Community analytics. Maximize value gained. 


Microsoft Viva Community changes the analytics game. Distributed organizations now access what was once tough. Analytics now dive deep into varied organizational roles. Network, audience, knowledge, campaigns, personal levels – all transparent. Insights from these drive your strategy, engagement, and productivity. They also boost retention, keeping your team solid. 

Rich analytics, once elite, are now for all. Microsoft Viva Goals can finetune your connected employee experience. Your core business objectives? You’ll hit them sharper. But tools work best when wielded with skill. Learn to leverage Viva for your organization’s rhythm. 

This guide, a starting point for Viva Engage analytics. But remember, your organization’s needs are distinct. Need tailored advice? A strategic plan for Viva’s best use? Our experts are here to collaborate with you. Together, we’ll harness analytics to energize your team. Connect deeper, perform better, and soar higher, united. Contact us today.