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Intranet Portfolio

Intranets built on Modern and Classic SharePoint that are focused on Collaboration and Efficiency. Check out our portfolio.

  • Modern
    sharepoint 2010 intranet design examples

    Healthcare Intranet

    Highly intuitive Intranet portal created on Modern SharePoint which gives access to easy information sharing among multiple departments

    sharepoint intranet examples

    Real Estate Intranet

    Simple yet effective company intranet using modern SharePoint comprehensive features that are suitable in a multi-party real estate environment.

    sharepoint intranet templates

    Non-Profit Intranet

    A SharePoint intranet that serves as a hub to collaborate to make daily decisions, planning, and sharing updates to manage a wide range of wellness services for children in the UK.

  • Classic
    sample sharepoint 2013 intranet sites

    Oil & Gas Intranet

    SharePoint Intranet that makes collaboration between different offices and the number of rigs in operation easier using a simple yet effective interface.

    sharepoint 2010 intranet design examples

    Real Estate Intranet

    A SharePoint system for a construction business that eases the hand-off process for new projects, internal communication and make sure the company stays on schedule and planned budget.

    sharepoint intranet examples

    Digital Media Intranet

    A SharePoint portal as an ideal solution to manage the dynamic media marketplace focused on operational improvement and helping global employees to easily find and share information.

    sample sharepoint 2013 intranet sites

    Health Services/HMO Intranet

    Managing critical information such as rosters, timesheets, and updates among healthcare providers to access doctor availability, policies, patient data and procedures in a SharePoint portal.

    sharepoint intranet templates

    Manufacturing Intranet

    SharePoint solutions focused on different areas of CXM that ensure that business users, as well as end-users are better supported in a faster, more intuitive commonplace.

    sharepoint intranet templates

    Event Management Intranet

    SharePoint intranet portal for simplified and effective collaboration of dedicated teams in a multi-department organization to ensure brand consistency throughout. Add some element for social media integrations

    office 365 sharepoint intranet

    Construction Intranet

    Intuitive digital media library software to manage rich digital content like images, videos, presentations and beyond.

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